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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

what I’m missing, what I’m not

Things I’m missing about my NYC apartment:

• my best friend (bronxbee) living right next door in the same building
• hardwood floors, french doors, lots of light and crossventilation

Things I’m not misssing about my NYC apartment:

• hearing the guy who lives in the apartment below snoring every night
• the necessity of turning the kitchen sink taps on 10 minutes before I needed hot water
• no window in the bathroom
• waiting two and a half years to have tiles in my bathtub fixed (they were still falling off the wall when I moved out)
• having my mail stolen from the secure-mailbox-free entryway
• no closets

Hearing bronxbee’s tales about how the building continues to descend into lower circles of hell since my departure, I think I made the right decision to abandon ship. I’m only sorry bronxbee is still stuck there.

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