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maryann johanson, free spinster

question of the day: What holidays lacking horror movies should get them… and in what form?

It seems as if Hollywood has taken every opportunity to tie in a bloody chainsaw massacre or teen bloodbath to almost every single holiday going. But not all of them. Today is Good Friday (a bank holiday here in the U.K.) and there hasn’t been a Good Friday horror movie (unless we count The Passion of the Christ). Hop is verging on being an Easter horror movie, but nothing even comes close to being a commemorative slasher flick for Easter Monday, also a bank holiday here.

Today also happens to be Earth Day. No horror movie.
Next monday, May 2, is the May Day bank holiday in the U.K. No workers’ uprising massacre movie that I’m aware of. This coming Friday, April 29, the U.K. is getting yet another bank holiday for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I’m not sure if a royal wedding massacre would work as a movie, but suddenly Bank Holiday is sounding pretty ominous.

What other holidays lacking horror movies should get them… and in what form?

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