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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

“Stupid Internet Videos May Make You More Productive”

I knew it!

From MediaBistro:

A new study shows that wasting time on the Internet actually helps you work better.

In short, the study said, willpower is not infinite: if you overuse it, you’ll run out.

Study participants were asked to watch a video of people passing balls and count the number of passes. But first they were given a distraction: in one group, the participants were shown a 10-minute funny video. In the other group, the participants were shown a screen that said there was a funny video to watch, but please, don’t watch it. For ten minutes, the second group listened to the first group laughing and then all participants watched the ball-passing video.

Those who hadn’t watched the comedy video first made more mistakes–significantly more mistakes!–than those who had goofed off.

So my Web Video of the Day is actually a daily public service!

I eagerly await the scientific evidence that a diet of red wine, cheese, baguette, chocolate, and tea is the best possible way to eat.

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