take a look back at the last royal wedding

As it happens, the uncle I’m staying with in Croydon is photographer John Benton-Harris, a Bronx boy who has lived in London for decades. On the occasion of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer 30 years ago, he shot a ton of fascinating images of what he calls the “real wedding party,” the people of Britain, as they celebrated in the streets of London before, during, and after the nuptials. He’s collected the best of these in a new book, The Wedding Party, which you can flip through in its entirety here.

Just dropping a shameless plug for my uncle.

(FYI, John’s son, my cousin Mark Harris, is a tech journalist whose work you’ve read if you read Wired or the Guardian or a slew of other high-profile publications. But not the Mark Harris who writes for Entertainment Weekly.)

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