most beautiful fan mail ever (re ‘Fast Five’)

My review of Fast Five ran in Salt Lake City Weekly newspaper, which runs many of my reviews. And they received an email in response. It is a thing of particular beauty:

After reading this review concerning this movie, I was appalled by the outcome of the article. First off is very poorly written, and next the writer’s expectation of the movie without taking into account the legacy of the “Fast” movies. I have been following this series just as everyone else in the country has. Some have fallen off due to the fact that there no longer emphasizing the racing aspect of the film, however that is the beauty of the series is that it, over the years, has progressed into more of an actual movie base(although still quite a bit of poor acting). You honestly have to respect these film makers for the capability to bring the “Fast and Furious” series away from the adolescent fascination of racing cars without negating it all together. I have yet to see Fast Five, which might very well make this presumptious on my behalf, but I couldn’t even get through this whole article for the simple fact that no movie should ever have an expectation. Any person that does build an expectation off of past movies does not understand the movie industry one bit. I thank you for your time…and no response necessary. Regards, Shanean [redacted]

Indeed, no response is necessary. Or even really possible.

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