question of the day: What are some of your most powerful cinematic experiences?

I made the mistake the other night of getting distracted by my iTunes library, and ended up wasting hours jumping around listening to music when I should have been working. One of the pieces I stumbled across was “Circle of Life” from The Lion King, and I got caught up in remembering the first time I heard that, which was while watching the trailer for the film, which consisted of that opening musical number from the film and nothing else. This was in the Ziegfeld theater in New York, still one of the best places to see a movie in that city: the screen is huge and the sound of wonderful and the ambiance — red velvet drapes, gaudy gold decorations — is pure old-fashioned movie magic. And watching that beautiful, beautiful animation on that enormous screen and hearing that beautiful song for the first time ever, I sobbed and sobbed with movie joy. Even watching it again, for the hundredth time, still makes me cry, even on a tiny YouTube clip:


What are some of your most powerful cinematic experiences?

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