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deep thought (re iTunes)

When I was a kid, I used to stay up all night listening to the radio — turned down way low so I wouldn’t get caught — waiting for my favorite song to come on. And then, after that favorite song, I would have to listen again for a while in case my second favorite song came on.

This was back in prehistoric times. Before iTunes. Before CDs. Before boom boxes, even. Kids: Ask your parents what boom boxes were. They were sort of like iPod docks, except without the iPod, and you just had to listen to whatever was coming over the airwaves. Kids: Ask your parents what the airwaves were.

Anyway, I made the mistake this evening of thinking I might spend a few minutes organizing my iTunes. It’s now about five hours later, and I can’t stop. Because it’s just like when I was a kid waiting for my favorite song to come on. Except now every song is my favorite song, and there’s another one waiting when that one is over.

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