in which I confound the corporate PR world with my refusal to be mainstream media

So I heard, from a fellow critic here in London, about a screening of a film I’d like to see, being run by a PR agency I haven’t yet been in touch with. I acquire said agency’s contact info and shoot off an email asking if I might attend. The reply:

We are happy for you to attend if this is for a UK outlet, not US.

I’m not even sure how to interpret that — I mean, I’m physically here in London, writing for a site that is on the Web but is run by me and me alone. So I respond:

Well, is a one-woman show. It’s all my work. I’m now based in London for the foreseeable future. Does that make me a UK outlet? :->

My readership is currently about 75% North America/ 20% UK/ 5% rest of the English-speaking world.

I consider that my audience is global. But I can only be in one physical place at a time. :->

They clearly don’t know how to deal with that, because I have not heard back from them regarding whether they consider me a U.K. outlet or not.

Also, it’s bizarre that they might refuse attendance for someone from a U.S. outlet when the film in question is already open in the U.S.

Seriously: meatspace needs to catch up with the Net.

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