more embargo idiocy (re ‘Bad Teacher’)

Bad Teacher opened in the U.K. this past Friday, June 17. I saw the film weeks earlier, and was delighted at that time to see that Sony Pictures UK were announcing a sort of anti-embargo policy. Not only was there no embargo on reviews, even though it was weeks till the film would open, we critics were actively encouraged to tweet and post to our hearts’ delight about the movie. I thought, at the time, Wow, they’re finally starting to get it.

But not everyone. Not even within the same corporation.
For Bad Teacher will not open in the U.S. and Canada till this Friday, June 24. And critics in the NYC area, at least, are embargoed till midnight Wednesday. This is hardly an overly onerous hardship, since most of those critics won’t even see the film till Tuesday night.

But c’mon: The film is already open in the U.K. There are already reviews up on Rotten Tomatoes — including my own. Anyone who cares about film criticism can easily access multiple perspectives on the movie already. What can possibly be the point of restricting some critics from getting in on the conversation?

I continue to be truly mystified. Our movie culture is international. Our movie culture is on the Internet. When will the people who make movies catch up with the rest of us?

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