question of the day: What are the best and worst movies derived from TV shows?

Today’s question comes from Kirk, who writes:

I was just re-watching Wild Wild West, and questions occurred to me.

a) what’s the best movie derived from a TV show?
b) what’s the worst movie derived from a TV show? (that’ll be a toughie)
c) what’s the most disappointing movie derived from a TV show?

I perhaps should have used “stolen” instead of “derived”, but i didn’t want to skew the answers.

I’ll let Kirk’s own words skew away.

So: What are the best and worst movies derived from TV shows? Most disappointing, too, if that doesn’t fit into the “worsts” category for you.

Worst is tough. The recent Land of the Lost could be it for me, for totally ruining a childhood favorite of mine by completely misunderstanding it. (Wild Wild West can only admire its terribleness from afar.) Best could be the first Brady Bunch movie, which affectionately skewered the TV series while also retaining all the goofy stuff we loved about it.


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