question of the day: What is the most iconic piece of Hollywood clothing?

I’d never really given much thought before to what might be the most famous article of Hollywood clothing. And then I heard about how actress Debbie Reynolds will be auctioning off her vast collection of Hollywood memorabilia. Among the items up for sale is that white dress Marilyn Monroe was wearing when she famously stood over that subway grate and accidentally showed the world her undies. ITV News is calling it “the most famous frock in Hollywood history.” Yet even though I’d never given much thought to what could be the most famous article of clothing in Hollywood, something made me say, “Really? That dress is the most famous? Really?”

I’ll grant that the dress is certainly pretty famous. But the Reynolds collection also includes other pretty famous pieces, such as Dorothy’s red slippers from The Wizard of Oz and Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat.
Of course, neither of those items is a dress. Maybe that white dress is the most famous frock in Hollywood history.

What is the most iconic piece of Hollywood clothing? And just to satisfy my niggling feeling about the dress: Do you think it’s the most famous dress in Hollywood history? If it isn’t, what is? (Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain frock in Gone with the Wind? Princess Leia’s white robes in Star Wars?)

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