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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

so beautiful: Blogcritics hops on the HuffPo bandwagon, thinks it’s awesome to ask writers to work for free

Got this email yesterday. Because I rock so hard:

Dear MaryAnn Johanson.

We want to reach out and share information about the Blogcritics TV/FILM CHANNEL (a Technorati property). We are reaching out to television and film writers who may be interested in contributing reviews to this area. The articles can be anything tv/film related: television reviews, dvd/blue-ray reviews, movie reviews, interviews with celebrities, television “open threads”, apps and new technology in the entertainment industry.

To get signed up to contribute, simply complete this interest form by clicking here: We’ll rush your approval within a few hours and get you set up to begin publishing on Blogcritics.

Blogcritics.org is an online magazine covering everything from food, music, books, film, TV, video, politics, culture, sports, gaming, science, and technology, to celebrity and the internet. We’re interested in original reviews, news, and commentary on any of these subjects, or most anything else interesting and well-written.

Additional benefits to writing with Blogcritics:

Millions of pageviews per month.
Articles can be cross posted on your personal site/blog after launching on Blogcritics.
Monetize your articles through AdSense.
Receive product review requests and timely press releases through our writer community email list.
Work with a seasoned editorial team.
Most important – have fun, showcase your work and be part of a fantastic community/site!
We certainly hope you will consider writing with us.


Jill Asher – [redacted]@technoratimedia.com

Publisher, Blogcritics.org and Technorati

Wow! They will rush through my approval so that I can start giving them my work for free! I feel so honored!

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  • Lisa

    I know I’m a year late to this discussion, but I’d like to chime in as I’m a Blogcritics writer. Yes I write for free – FOR THEM. Let me paint a picture of my life – I’m a freelance writer and I  get paid to write articles for print and digital media, but none of them have me reviewing theatre. I LOVE theatre, but it’s expensive. So, by contributing to Blogcritics for free, I get free press review theatre tickets to the best, biggest, most expensive shows – which sometimes includes a nice reception or celebrity gala too. So to me, despite being a very established writer for the last 15 years, like MaryAnn  here, this is a win-win situation for me. I get very good tickets – usually a pair of tickets which means I get to take mum or a friend along – to the best shows – and for that I simply have to write a review, which I can pen within an hour – who wouldn’t want that?

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