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Terrence Malick, Michael Bay: artists thwarted in their art by projectionists

Terrence Malick wrote a letter to projectionists with detailed instructions on how to project his Tree of Life, lest the experience of the nonnarrative, experimental film be utterly ruined. That’s what all the auteurs are into these days. So of course Michael Bay has done the same thing, because if Transformers: Dark of the Moon does not arrive at your eyeballs in the most perfectly, precisely calibrated way, how will you appreciate all the nuances in the existential meaninglessness of giant robots blowing shit up?

It starts out like this:

Hello I’m Michael Bay, Director of Transformers –

And it looks like this:

(From the American Cinematographer’s Facebook page, via mlkshk.)

So now you are forewarned. If you conclude Transformers: Dark of the Moon is complete shit after you see it, you should blame the projectionist at your local googolplex, not Michael Bay. It’s totally not his fault.

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