any flattr users here?

A reader alerted me to flattr, a service that allows for really micro micropayments to sites such as FlickFilosopher.com. I hadn’t heard of it before, I haven’t seen flattr buttons on other sites, and I’m a bit leery as to how helpful it may actually be in earning me the money I need to keep this site afloat.

My two major issues with flattr — which is sort of like a Like button, except a few Euro pennies may come along with a click — are that it wouldn’t be income I could rely upon (unlike a monthly subscription) and there would be no way for me to track those who donate via flattr, so I couldn’t thank them, give them bonuses and virtual hugs, and so on.

So flattr wouldn’t be a substitute for the PayPal/Amazon Payments system I’m trying to get up and running, but it could be a complement to it.

If there are readers here who are already using flattr, or those who think they might like to join flattr and give it a try, I’ll add flattr buttons. Just say the word.

UPDATE: I’ve added flattr buttons to the lefthand column of the content pages. Some of them seem to be generating errors: it looks like I need to be using a different sort of code, even though what I’m using is what flattr links to as the best way to implement the buttons on Movable Type. So now I’ve got to learn some javascript or some shit. *grrr* Maybe after I write some reviews…

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