‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Doctor Who Jesus?

I know I’ve been accused of being downright religious about Doctor Who, but this is ridiculous. From Wales Online:

AN EVANGELICAL church has been accused of “misleading” parents and children by using Doctor Who to promote a religious summer club.

Colour postcards advertising the free “Doctor Phew and the Tardisodes” event have been handed out to primary school children, bearing an image of the Tardis and urging them to “encounter the Ultimate Time Lord”.

“Ultimate Time Lord”? *snort*

BBC Wales has already distanced itself from the event in Cardiff next month, and a former AM has claimed the ads do not make the event’s religious content clear enough.

But officials at the capital’s Highfields Church say its printed venue details are “enough information for people to work it out” and point out Bible readings are listed among the activities on the back of the card.

A BBC Wales spokesman stressed that while they wished the event well, they did not endorse it. He said: “We wouldn’t want anyone to mistake this for an official event.

“We appreciate the huge popular appeal of Doctor Who – especially among children – and we work hard to safeguard this much-loved brand for future generations to enjoy.”

Can you imagine this happening in the U.S.? A popular TV show distancing itself from something Jesus-y? Basically not being afraid to say, “We don’t want our brand contaminated with this dangerous religion stuff”?

The article goes on to quote Lorraine Barrett, a former Labour member of the Welsh assembly who is now “a Humanist celebrant”:

I would have to ask the question why this church wants to hide behind the facade of a Doctor Who event, and not be upfront to say this is a church-run event. I imagine a lot of children might think it will be great and think there will be three days of Doctor Who activities – I know that if it were my grandchildren I would be concerned. It is misleading and it is a way to get children through the door.

Can you imagine even the most “liberal” member of a major legislative body in the U.S. expressing concerns that children might be brainwashed into religiosity? Can you imagine a mainstream U.S. news source quoting a known, out atheist about such a matter?

This is one reason why I love the U.K.: no tolerance for religion except where it belongs, in churches that hardly anyone goes to.

Also: When you have to use Doctor Who to sell God, I think we know who’s already won.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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