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Doctor Who thing of the day: Matt Smith thinks the show should be “dark, scary, and sexy”

Matt Smith goes on record to say that he thinks Doctor Who should be “dark, scary, and sexy.” Me too! So when are we gonna get some dark scary sexiness? From The List:

Asked if he thinks the show is too dark, scary or sexy, he said: “No! I think it’s ridiculous to say so. I think it should be all of those things. I think it should be dark, I think it should be scary.

“And sexy? I mean, for God’s sake, look at the companions of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker [the third and fourth Doctors] in their tiny, Tarzanian tops.”

Oh, okay. As usual, sexy only refers to women being attractive for men. *sigh*

Matt also hit out at criticism of his co-star Karen Gillan’s skimpy outfits for her character Amy Pond, insisting the sexiness of the Doctor’s companion is part of the programme’s appeal for older male viewers.

He told Live magazine: “What do people want Karen to dress in – a floor-length skirt, a pair of jeans and a hoodie? I mean, she’s a beautiful woman. Amy Pond is a sexy character, by her very nature. No one’s quite like Amy.

Why does sexy, in these contexts, always only apply to what women look like? Why couldn’t the Doctor at least be “sexy” enough to know how to deal with River Song kissing him? Perhaps he could try not squirm at such a moment?

If we’re all supposed to accept that concessions must be made to appeal to the “older male viewers,” what about the female viewers who are past adolescence? Could we get thrown a bone once in a while, too?

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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