Doctor Who thing of the day: so the Doctor is Jewish, it seems?

I had no idea the Doctor was religious at all, but, your “Free Content Article Directory,” tells us so in a hard-hitting piece entitled “Doctor Jewish Singles Washington DC Who”:

The United Kingdom’s hit show, “Doctor Who”, is almost finished with their newest series and Jewish Singles Washington DC fans are more excited than ever. Soon, Doctor Who and BBC will be celebrating fifty years of this remarkable show. Fans eagerly await any word on who will be staring and what the BBC has been cooking up.

Doctor Who, the show about a time traveling Jewish single men from a far off planet, is now on their eleventh actor. Currently, the star of the show is played by Matt Smith. Previously, Matt had taken roles in a few less popular movies and television shows. He is an amazing actor, but his full potential had not been realized until he stepped on the set of the– arguably– longest running television show in history.

When Matt smith took the role, the show not only got a new Doctor, but also a new head writer. When Russell T. Davies left the show after years of being the head writer, Steven Moffat stepped up and became the new Jewish Singles Washington DC man with a plan for all of the Doctor’s adventures.

Matt Smith, paired with a sonic screwdriver (the Doctor’s key tool and all around fun gadget), a too cool bow tie, and a devilish smile, was ready to give this role his all. Matt Smith had no idea what he would be getting into. In fact, Matt Smith had not been a big fan of the series unlike previous Doctor Who star David Tennant who was an avid fan since he was a boy. Once he landed the role of his life Matt Smith watch nearly all of the episodes and gained a lot of inspiration from Jewish singles Tennant himself.

Matt Smith has undoubtedly made this character his own and continues to impress fans and doubters. It has been said that he, alone with his co-star Karen Gillan (who plays the plucky Scottish companion Amy Pond) will be returning for the next Jewish Singles Washington DC series. With Matt and Steve taking on the challenges and excitement we are sure to see some of the best from Doctor Who.

(Emphasis mine throughout.)

I prefer to believe that the Doctor is a Reformed Orthodox Scientific Pagan.

On a more serious note, this is what the Web looks like when content mills take over.

Via @RadioFreeSkaro.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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S P Blakeney
S P Blakeney
Sat, Nov 23, 2013 12:43am

Jewish Singles? Is that a Hebrew and Shebrew dating site? The Doctor
might be many things but Jewish? Not a chance. Not the kosher item.