my wallet has been recovered!

I got a call this morning from a pub in Covent Garden: My wallet had been found there.

I’ve just retrieved it. The wallet itself is in perfect condition: it obviously had not been dumped in a garbage bin or anything. I hate to think of the jerk asshole thief’s grubby mitts all over it, but there’s no reason not to continue using it… especially since it’s a wallet I really like and is no longer available from the catalogue I purchased it from.
Most important thing: My Irish passport is here, and intact. I don’t need to reapply for a new one. That would have been an enormous pain in the ass, and at least I’m saved from having to do that.

My U.S. passport is also here. It’s already been reported stolen and a new one is already on its way. Damn the efficiency of the U.S. embassy.

Some credit cards are gone, and my U.K. ATM card. My New York State driver’s license is also gone. Not sure what good that will be to anyone. But all that stuff has already been cancelled, with replacements on their way.

I still can’t say it’s been a great week. But things are looking up a little.

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