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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

press release of the week: Free screenings and DVDs to any record stores affected by the Sony warehouse fire (or any damage from riots)

Cuz sometimes the stuff that ends up in my in-box is too good, bad, weird, interesting, or otherwise notable not to share.

Sometimes, the news is good…

To UK record stores:
Free screenings and DVDs to any record stores affected by the Sony warehouse fire (or any damage from riots)

The makers of Until The Light Takes Us, the award winning film about the 90’s Norwegian “black metal” music scene, are offering free screenings and DVDs to all UK record stores affected by the riots.

The fire that occurred late on Monday the 8th at the Sony warehouse in London destroyed the stock held by Pias, the biggest distributor of independent labels in Britain and Ireland. Affected UK record stores can contact the filmmakers directly by writing info@blackmetalmovie.com. The film will be made available for free, to be shown as in-store or off-site events, or as part of fundraisers. The first screening event will be at Rough Trade East in London, on 26 August. Details will be available at http://www.roughtrade.com/site/instore.lasso

Audrey Ewell, who Directed and Produced the film with partner Aaron Aites, states, “UK record stores were a huge help to us during our theatrical run last year. They supported us with ticket sales and giveaways, announcements to their customers, poster displays, and by generally just being cool and supporting music and art and film and all the things that make for the kind of society and community we want to be a part of. We were very sad to hear that so many lost stock in the Sony warehouse fire, and would like to do whatever we can to help support the stores that supported us, as well as any others who could use a hand right now. This isn’t any sort of judgement on the riots: we’re not British, and we’re not going to spout off on this. Aside from the larger issues at play here, we’re independent, and we know what this sort of blow feels like to other independents. We may not have money to donate, but we have our film, the independence to make our decisions, some available DVD stock, and a desire to help those who’ve helped us, and who make art, film and music available and provide a gathering place for people who love these things. Any record store that sees this notice and wants to take us up on our offer should get in touch. Everyone’s helping in their own way, we’re happy to see everyone’s efforts and encourage other labels & imprints, if they’re able, to reach out and help however they can.”

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