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Doctor Who thing of the day: Emma Bridgewater Daleks

You may be familiar with Emma Bridgewater pottery — it’s huge in the U.K. You may not be aware that you can design your own “Emma Bridgewater” stuff at the Emma Bridgewater factory. All sorts of ready-made designs are available for you to sponge onto your pots and plates and mugs to your heart’s content.

One of those ready-made sponges comes in the shape of a Dalek.
Yesterday I visited my friend, blogger Katyboo, and her kids Oscar and Tallulah were delighted to show me their Dalek-themed Emma Bridgewater items. Here’s Oscar’s:

Emma Bridgewater Dalek plate

I’m told Oscar, who is four, was in his “black” period when creating this one. This very much suits the Dalek personality of genocide and conquest.

Here’s Tallulah’s:

Emma Bridgewater Dalek plate

I like how the artist, age eight, has captured the desolation of Dalek civilization in deep space with her star motif. I believe that may be a red-dwarf sun at the very center of her composition, suggesting an unremitting coldness at the heart of a Dalek.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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