Doctor Who thing of the day: What would be in your room in “The God Complex”’s hotel?

Doctor Who The God Complex scary clown

You’ve seen “The God Complex,” and I know you’ve thought about it: What would be in your room in that bizarre prison? What would be your “most primal fear” that would torment you in your “tailor-made hell”?
Or: maybe you don’t want to reveal your most primal fear. That’s understandable — it may reveal something about yourself that you’re uncomfortable revealing. (That’s why I won’t reveal mine.) So that’s worth talking about, too: Is just considering your most primal fear its own kind of prison? Does that make us all prisoners in our own heads? Is that too intense, too deep, too something for what everyone keeps insisting is only a kiddie show? Is that even something that most kids will understand? Sure, kids are afraid of lots of things, but isn’t part of the horror of this prison the fact that one’s most primal fear is inescapable, even when you know it’s irrational (like the cop who feared the gorilla must have known), even once you’ve grown up (if it’s a childhood fear), and that it haunts you forever?

Have fun!

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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