Saturday cute: geekiest, most adorable wedding pix ever

Over at mlkshk you will find the most awesomely cute wedding album ever. (Well, if you read the comments over there, you learn that it’s actually a shoot to celebrate the engagement of Juliana and Ben, photographed by Amanda Rynda.)
It starts off like this:

Juliana and Ben's awesome zombie engagement photos

Then it gets all:

Juliana and Ben's awesome zombie engagement photos

And you’ll have to click over to mlkshk to find out how their zombie engagement party ends. Suffice to say that Juliana and Ben are so totally cool that you will want to marry both of them.

Via @cinecat.

(Got a photo or image that’s adorable and at least vaguely pop-culture related? Found such a photo online? Send a link or an image, and I might post it!)

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