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church of awesome: Take Back Halloween

Lise Meitner costume

Ladies: Are you tired that all the commercially available Halloween costumes for us are sexy-whatevers? You know: sexy nurse, sexy nerd, sexy angel, sexy nun, sexy zombie?

Then it’s time to Take Back Halloween. This “costume guide for women with imagination” offers step-by-step guides to decking yourself out as a truly kick-ass woman. Such as Lise Meitner (costume pictured here), who discovered nuclear fission and got screwed out of the Nobel Prize that should have gone to her. Or Asase Yaa, the creator goddess of the Asante people of Ghana. Or some historical sexy with Josephine Baker, “the original superstar diva.” Or if you fancy invoking some actual asskicking, Boudicca, the first century Celtic warrior queen who fought the Romans in Britain.

There’s something for any woman here… unless you think the only definition of sexy involves dressing like a stripper.

(h/t to Sideshow. Have you found something online that’s really awesome? Send a link or an image, and I might post it!)

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