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apparently I have not been obnoxious enough…

…in begging readers to please please please subscribe already.

I got a tweet from a reader recently in which she publicly wished I was still running the micropatron program I tried a few years back (before micropayments were really feasible). And I was all, “But… but… but… there are links and requests for you to subscribe all over the site!”
Here I thought I was being too obnoxious and too repetitious in my begging, but it seems I have not been aggressive enough. This reader said she’s a regular here, but somehow she had completely missed the subscription stuff.

(This is another reason for today’s site design tweaking: to get some more prominent begging before the eyes of readers.)

So here’s me again pleading with everyone who is a regular here and who has not already subscribed to please please please do so. Subs of $5 or $10 per month are most welcome, of course, but really truly honestly even just $1 per month will help, as long as enough of you kick in.

I cannot emphasize enough how vital this is. There is no advertising on this site. There are no popunder, popup, or rollover ads here. Which means there is no money coming in except what comes from you. Which means the site cannot survive unless readers want it to.

Thank you.

please subscribe

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