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Doctor Who thing of the day: Fourth Doctor scarf for nonknitters

Doctor Who Tom Baker scarves are cool

You say you crave a 20-foot long scarf just like the one Tom Baker wore, but you couldn’t knit a stitch to save your life?

Help is now at hand.

KBthreads at Instructables is a genius:

Usually reproductions of the scarf are knitted. I know nothing about knitting. I was on a tight time budget with no time to learn how to knit. Instead I decided to do some upcycling and make my scarf out of sweaters from a thrift store. I made a reproduction of the original Doctor Who scarf that was worn by the Fourth Doctor in seasons 12-14.

Oh, clever! And there are lots of details for the newbie scarf-cheater:

*notes on choosing sweaters:

-when I went hunting for sweaters at thrift stores I made sure to bring along multiple reference pictures to get the colours right. Look for the biggest sweaters you can find to avoid running out of a particular colour..

-There are seven different colours needed for this scarf. The knit pattern in the material I looked for consisted of small vertical rows on the “right” side of the fabric that looked braided. I tried to maintain continuity by choosing sweaters with approximately the same size rows or the same knit, otherwise it looked goofy on the side I was using.

-I used the “wrong” side (inside) of the sweater as the outside of the scarf.

-I wasn’t particular about the content of the sweaters being all the same; some were cotton, while others were synthetic. Color mattered more to me. (I would only hand-wash the scarf anyway)

You do have to sew. And there’s a bit of math involved:

scarf math

You know what? It might be easier to learn how to knit. (If you want to actually knit a Fourth Doctor scarf, instructions are easy to find.)

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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