question of the day: What piece of clothing from a movie (or TV show) would you actually purchase and wear?

Inevitable! Just days after The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits cinemas, word comes that we may now all enjoy the privilege of purchasing a replica of Bella Swan’s wedding gown — cheap at only $799! (Actually, that is pretty cheap for a wedding gown.)
Replicas of clothing worn by TV and film characters abound, from Captain Mal Reynolds’ coat to Colonial fleet duty blues to Indiana Jones’ hat.

What piece of clothing from a movie (or TV show) would you actually purchase and wear?

Back in the spring we talked about iconic Hollywood costumes, but this is more about functional clothing that happened to become costume, and the wearing of which lends some mojo — or serves as a sign of fandom.

I myself own a Gryffindor quidditch jersey, which isn’t precisely a replica of what we’ve seen onscreen, but it does look like a piece of real, functional sports clothing. I like that it does not have a Harry Potter logo emblazoned across it (though the name Potter does appear above the player number on the back), and so requires a little bit of insider knowledge to appreciate that it is not, in fact, an authentic team jersey.


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