question of the day: What would be a great title for a James Bond movie?

Daniel Craig as James Bond

One of the first news stories I was greeted with this morning was this one, from BBC News, about the anticipation over the annoucement later today of merely the title of the next James Bond flick:

The title and cast of the 23rd James Bond film are expected to be announced in London later.

The latest 007 adventure will star Daniel Craig for the third time. It is being directed by Sam Mendes, who won an Oscar for 1999’s American Beauty.

The film – widely rumoured to be titled Skyfall – will be released on 9 November 2012.

Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem has confirmed he will play a villain in the new film.

Dame Judi Dench is expected to return as M and earlier this year, Pirates of the Caribbean actress Naomie Harris revealed she had also auditioned for the new film.

Okay, sure, the cast will be formally announced, too, but it seems that’s no secret.

I’m not sure that Skyfall sounds like a Bond movie: it sounds more like a disaster flick about a deorbiting satellite. (Or perhaps it’ll be about an al Qaeda plot to deorbit the ISS and crash it into the Olympics, or something. That could be a Bond.) Then again, Quantum of Solace doesn’t sound like a Bond flick either.

On the other hand: From Russia with Love. License to Kill. They sound like globetrotting action adventure spy movies.

So: What would be a great title for a James Bond movie? Supply the plot, too, if you like. Or just tease us with a title that makes us salivate just imagining what it could be about…

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