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If you’re still doing Christmas shopping, it would help me out enormously if you’d use these links:

Amazon U.S.
Amazon Canada
Amazon U.K.
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Spain
Amazon Italy

Chapters/Indigo (Canada)
In fact, if you could bookmark these links and then always use those bookmarks when you shop, that would be great. (You must bookmark these links, and not the pages you will be redirected to. On the Mac, you can Ctrl-click on a link to get a menu that offers a bookmark option; I think it’s a right-click on the PC.) These links have my affiliate code embedded, so your purchases will always be credited as coming via, and I will earn a small referral fee. It doesn’t cost you a single extra penny.

The referral fee isn’t generally very much, but it can add up, especially if many readers use the links every time they shop. It can add up even quicker if you remember to click through from here when you buy something big at Amazon, like a new TV or new computer.

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