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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

are you having trouble with Disqus and Internet Explorer?

Well, you shouldn’t be anymore.

See, months ago Disqus crashing IE cropped up as an issue here, and I lost track of the thread discussing possible solutions, because that’s what happens when you run a site like this on your own: you lose track of stuff and you can’t even keep up with the threads you really should be keeping track of and then eight months later you randomly stumble across that thread again and then you feel like a total heel for having completely forgotten about it.
What’s worse is that someone posted a fix, and I missed it.

Until now.

So I’d be curious to hear if those of you who were having trouble using Disqus on this site when you visited on IE now notice any difference. Because I’ve implemented that fix. Everything looks good on my end, but I can’t even test with IE, because it’s totally unavailable on the Mac.

And when these sorts of problems come up again in the future — and they will; they will — and I drop the ball, please feel free to continue bugging me about them until they get fixed or I go on a hostage-taking rampage in a Starbucks from the stress.

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