church of awesome: the future of science (and entertainment) 2021

Institute for the Future — which is itself clearly the coolest thing ever — recently hosted a Technology Horizons Program, which resulted in a “map” called “A Multiverse of Exploration: The Future of Science 2021”:

The map focuses on six big stories of science that will play out over the next decade: Decrypting the Brain, Hacking Space, Massively Multiplayer Data, Sea the Future, Strange Matter, and Engineered Evolution. Those stories are emerging from a new ecology of science shifting toward openness, collaboration, reuse, and increased citizen engagement in scientific research.

One small awesome part of the map:

Future of Science Institute for the Future

Click here for the full image. Links to PDF versions of the map available at Institute for the Future.

How can we use this?

Think of “A Multiverse of Exploration: The Future of Science 2021” as a star chart of possibility, pointing the way toward opportunities for wonder, knowledge, and insight. Use it to raise questions about how your life and work may change in light of the startling transformations that science may bring about in the next ten years. Indeed, every forecast could be rephrased as a “what if” question. What if you could record your dreams? What if you could design a life form? What if you could launch a company in orbit? Your answers to those questions can help inform decisions in the present. Inside this map, you’ll find plenty of space to think.

Many of these things will also apply to how we entertain ourselves, and how we talk about entertainment. I have no doubt we’ll see crowdsourced movies, massively multiplayer games that feel like living in a soap opera, financial support from the arts coming more directly from audiences. Will a machine write a book? Will a director “dream” a movie and download it directly from her brain, upload it directly to the Net, and collect micropayments from viewers?

Via Boing Boing.

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