question of the day: Is it too soon for an Amy Winehouse biopic?

Amy Winehouse

I’m sorta surprised it’s taken so long for the biopic talk to start. From EW’s blog Music Mix:

A spokesperson for Mitch Winehouse has told EW that the father of the late Amy Winehouse would consider allowing his daughter’s music to be used in a biopic.

Various recent media reports had quoted Mitch Winehouse as saying he would never allow Amy’s life story to be told in a film. But Winehouse’s spokesperson claims this is inaccurate and that “Mitch and the family would entertain ideas perhaps for a film but only one they were sure would tell the truth.”

However, Mitch Winehouse has poured cold water on the reports that Lady Gaga is set to play his daughter in a biopic. “I never said Lady Gaga will play Amy,” he wrote on his Twitter page yesterday.

So that quashes what could have been a great QOTD: Should Lady Gaga play Amy Winehouse in a biopic?
According to the Guardian, though:

Winehouse died less than six months ago, and although her father is writing a memoir, he has cautioned against rushing into anything.

Is it too soon for an Amy Winehouse biopic? Is there a “right” amount of time after someone famous has died for a biopic to be considered? Who should be the ones to decide this: the family? the public? the studios? Should interest in a biopic be considered a mark of respect? And the big question: Who should play Winehouse in the movie?

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