church of awesome: the Large Hadron Collider — in Lego

Created by physicist Sascha Mehlhase of the Niels Bohr Institute:
Large Hadron Collider in Lego

Unconformed reports say that the Lego Hadron Collider is searching for the elusive null-peg brick, which science proves must exist but which has never been observed in nature.

Large Hadron Collider in Lego

From University Post via Geek.com.

For reference, here’s the actual LHC:

Large Hadron Collider not in Lego

Large Hadron Collider not in Lego

Is it a coincidence that this Lego news comes hard on the heels of the reports that the HDC has discovered its first new particle? I don’t think so. Clearly there’s some sort of quantum toy-nelling effect happening between the two LHCs that is contributing to the good science happening.

Oh, in case you’re worried about this:

Large Hadron Collider black hole

Just keep checking Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth yet? for our black hole/no black hole status. Via Richer Ramblings.

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