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Twitter by post by Giles Turnball

When you see a headline like this:

Man Recreates His Own Twitter Timeline, @Mentions And DMs Via The Postal System

you can’t not look. From AllTwitter:

You might think twice about sending out a tweet next time you want to brag about your lunch, especially if it meant hand writing that tweet to every single one of your followers.

But that’s what one UK man did – he wrote out his tweets and sent them by mail rather than actually using Twitter itself.

As Giles Turnbull admits, the whole idea of “Twitter-by-post” as it’s called, just popped into his head randomly. He wondered what it would be like to send and receive tweets through the mail… and rather than scoffing at the thought, he made it a reality.

Read more about Turnball’s project at AllTwitter and The Morning News. And see his postal tweets, including these:

Twitter by post by Giles Turnball

Twitter by post by Giles Turnball

Twitter by post by Giles Turnball

Twitter by post by Giles Turnball

Twitter by post by Giles Turnball

Turnball says, about his project (at The Morning News):

Even through the post, we talked. We sent links, locations, photos, and videos. We faved. We retweeted. We glimpsed the Fail Whale, and saluted her. The enforced time delay was no more inconvenient than Twitter’s enforced character count. Conversations took longer, but they made just as much sense. If anything, they felt more real. Now I have a pile of conversations on my desk. I can touch them, or shuffle them.

Tweeting by post made me appreciate the online and the offline. Brevity is a good thing, but there’s no reason we should only be brief on Twitter. The internet is a marvelous thing, but so is cheese, so are close friends who know your opinions and respect them, so is a glass of fine English ale. So is getting postcards from interesting people, because it makes your letterbox come alive.

You in turn can post your life through other people’s letterboxes, and you should, every now and then. It’s more fun than a fave, or a DM, or an @reply.


(Have you found something online that’s really awesome? Send a link or an image, and I might post it!)

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