Doctor Who thing of the day: 3D printed TARDIS cookie cutter (and cookie)

So bronxbee sends me a link and is all:

TARDIS gingerbreadcookies…

And I clicked through and was all meh:

Neat. But I did gingerbread TARDISes last year. Don’t wanna repeat myself too much.

And that was that.
But then in the course of my regular surfing, I came across another link at Sideshow. And then I got right back to bronxbee:

I take it back. Those cookies are very cool and worthy of being a Thing. I just didn’t realize how cool and worthy until I saw this:

[Boing Boing link]

I can’t believe Geeks Are Sexy skipped right over the coolest aspect of it!

Geeks Are Sexy is the link that bronxbee sent and that I just glanced at. It’s the first link above.

Here is the pic Geeks Are Sexy posted:

TARDIS gingerbread cookie

What Geeks Are Sexy utterly failed to mention is what begins with Boing Boing’s headline:

3D printed TARDIS gingerbread cookies

and then continues at Mad Art Lab:

A couple days ago, Maggie sent me a box of stuff she’d printed on Mad Art Bot. One of the things was a cookie cutter.

TARDIS cookie cutter

I haven’t quite gotten my head around this whole 3D printing thing the cool kids are into, but I do concur with bronxbee, who, when alerted to the true Thing-ness of these cookies, said:

wow! just being able to design and make your own cookie cutters! how awesome is *that*?

Very very awesome.

One more from Steve D. at MadArtLab:

There’s a TARDIS-shaped hole in the fabric of the universe. Or at least in the fabric of the cookie dough.

TARDIS gingerbread dough

Nom nom.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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