Doctor Who thing of the day: how is Doctor Who like Sherlock?

Contains SPOILERS for “A Scandal in Belgravia”:

Doctor Who Sherlock

It’s a classic show with a dedicated fanbase that’s been recently reinvented for the BBC by Steven Moffat. The main character is a handsome, young, eccentric white man – played by a notably younger actor than in any previous versions – famed for his oddball intelligence. Basically, he’s a mad genius who goes around saving the day and solving mysteries that baffle ordinary mortals. Though usually paired with a single main sidekick, our hero is also surrounded by a floating band of regulars. While previous iterations of the character have focussed on his comic quirkiness, loneliness and deep-set morality, this time, he’s all together more sociopathic. He mistreats his companions, sneers at their lesser intelligence, and where before his eccentric mannerisms were purely gleeful, now they are used to justify his constant rudeness – all in marked contrast to his previous empathy for and interest in people. Though he was never particularly known for his interactions with women – he was frequently portrayed as asexual – he at least treated them the same as his male companions. Now, though, he betrays, insults, lies to and reduces them to tears on a regular basis, while the surrounding dialogue demeans them even further and plots paint them mostly as victims or villains. There is one woman who’s managed to crack his shell, though; in fact, she’s intimated to be the great love of his life. She’s a bossy, dominatrix type who shows up out of nowhere, matches his wits, and physically attacks him, but is ultimately revealed to be the pawn of a powerful enemy. Her love for him costs her everything, and he ends up having to save her from the consequences of her actions.


From Shattersnipe (though it’s unclear if it originates there), whose take on “Belgravia” I disagree with but cannot refute.

Via Darryl in comments.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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