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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

seeking a ridiculously awesome living situation in London

I know I’m asking for the impossible. I’m asking anyway, and hoping the universe will provide.

I’m looking for someplace cool, central, and cheap in London. Could be a flatshare. Could be a lodger situation. Could be a housesitting gig.
Someone out there knows someone who would like to bring in a little extra money from their extra bedroom. (And I do mean a little extra money. I’m a starving writer, remember.) Someone out there knows someone who is going to Cape Town or Tokyo to work for a year and would like their pets and their plants looked after, or who would just like their place to be lived, their mail collected, and burglers discouraged.

If the universe could see fit to put such a situation in my way in Zone 1 or Zone 2, I would be the universe’s best friend forever.

Someone out there is going to email me with a name…

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