a geek gal confronts the hegemony of the male gaze (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw this weekend:
• A geek gal confronts the hegemony of the male gaze… Art, Sex and Beautiful Men

• In my experience, doubts and objections to ebooks evaporate the moment someone handles a Kindle… 5 Myths About eBooks Debunked

• Must one be a Muppet, or a Muppet of a man, to write Muppet tunes? Making movie music for the Muppets

• Actresses were “indecently” dressed, and men freaked. Islamists in Egypt halt filming of TV series

• This is what comes of all that “some movies are for boys and some movies are for girls” crap. Schoolgirls excluded from Dallas movie screening

(I’m just throwing a lot of links up on social networking sites these days, if I have only quick comments about them, rather than going to the extra time and effort to format them for posting here. You’d be surprised how much time that can take away from making my own content.)

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