Benedict Cumberbatch in a Starfleet uniform

Star Trek Benedict Cumberbatch Zachary Quinto
I’ll be in my bunk.

The image was “leaked” from the set of the upcoming Star Trek flick (the background is, of course, a green screen, whch will replaced later with a cool sci-fi setting). We know that Benedict Cumberbatch is the vilain of the piece, but the fact that he’s wearing a Starfleet command uniform like Kirk wore in the first movie suggests that he’s not playing Khan, as much speculation would have it. Unless Khan’s backstory is different this time around, or unless Khan is in disguise. I doubt this image was released without the full knowledge and backing of everyone involved, and a bit of misdirection is precisely what might be called for here.

There’s a second image, too:

Star Trek Benedict Cumberbatch Zoe Saldana

Uhuru shoots Cumberbatch!

Via Yahoo! Movies. Thanks to bronxbee for the heads-up.

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