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Doctor Who thing of the day: fans dress their toddler up as the Doctors

toddler Doctor Who

toddler Doctor Who

Lots more pix at Digital Spy, whence this comes.

Here’s the interesting thing:

An American Doctor Who fan has taken to dressing his 2-year old daughter up in miniature versions of each of the 11 Doctor’s outfits.

Proud father Ryan Dewalt and his wife started dressing their daughter Valentine in perfect mini recreations of Doctor Who outfits from the age of 13 months.

The kid is a girl. (She has her own Twitter account, though I suspect Mommy or Daddy are helping with it.) Unlike how some female fans are adapting Doctor costumes to put their own spin on them — see this io9 article I linked to previously — this is just straight-up dressing a little girl as a male character. But if you’re a fannish parent who wants to express your fannishness through your kid, what else are you gonna do? Though the dad says, in the linked Digital Spy post above, that the kid also has a River Song costume, it’s worth noting that there’s hardly any way you could dress a little girl as a female character from the show and be either distinctive about it or appropriate — a leather bikini à la Leela, for instance, probably would be the wrong way to go. And it could be mistaken for something else.

This raises other gender issues, too. Would these parents dress a little boy up in a girl’s costume? Probably not. (Please note that I’m not picking on these parents, just pointing out some usually unspoken gender norms of our culture.) Would we find it cute if they did, or disturbing? Why is it “okay” to dress a girl as a boy but not the other way around?

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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