Doctor Who thing of the day: terminal-cancer fan wants a TARDIS urn for his ashes

The saddest thing you’re going to read today. Tashi writes to Regretsy with a request on behalf of her husband, Wash:

My husband is one of the biggest geeks/Browncoat/Sci-Fi lovers I have ever had the privilege to know. He is also 27 years old and dying of a terminal brain cancer.

He’s managed to hang on for 28 months with a cancer that kills more than 95% within 9-12 months. However, he has been degrading in his condition and was placed on Home Hospice Care in January of this year.

I am writing to you to try and fulfill a wish of his; after he passes my husband wants to have a portion of his cremains kept in a TARDIS urn. (The rest will be shot off in rockets he has built over the years with his friends.)

This has proven to be a bit of a challenge for me. I am only 25 and have not been able to work for the past two years to be his full-time caregiver; so hiring someone to make a custom urn is a bit out of my price-range.

Is there any way your awesome C4FL Regresty Readers might know of someone who makes custom urns? Or someone to make a TARDIS urn for him? I have been an avid daily reader of for a few years now and my husband just adores the “This is NOT Steampunk” column (Before his cancer he was in school to become the first “Steampunk Architect”).

With his cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme), we might have 3 months, or it might be a few weeks. I am really not sure how long it takes to make something like this, so I am trying to get this request of his addressed early, before he degrades further.

Please let me know if you are aware of someone out there who can make this. Thank you for your time.

Regretsy readers appear to be stepping up to the plate. Hopefully we’ll get an update from Regretsy on the status of Tashi’s request.

Tashi is blogging about her and Wash’s situation at Learning to Hope. A fundraising drive to collect money to help them is here. Why do they need help? Because they’re Americans with no health insurance. The Phoenix New Times has the beginning of their tragic story, from August 2010; part of the insurance absurdity looks like this:

Tashi dreamed of being a forensic anthropologist, just like her hero, Dana Scully of The X-Files. But she’d temporarily dropped out of ASU to help put Kevin through school. (He was closer to finishing; after he had his degree, he could help her, or so they reasoned before the cancer struck.) She had a full-time job — but her hours were cut to part-time, right around the same time that Kevin lost his beloved internship and was forced to make ends meet with jobs at Circle K and the Census.

Catastrophe struck at the worst possible time. Since neither had college degrees nor full-time jobs, neither had insurance. And so, through no fault of their own, Kevin’s cancer ended up plunging the pair into the hell of poverty and all its attendant government programs.

[K]eeping him enrolled has proved to be something of a full-time job.

In January, AHCCCS administrators sent Kevin and Tashi clumsily worded letters, saying they were both about to be kicked off.

Kevin desperately needed to stay on. He was in the midst of his chemo cycle. Without insurance, his medication alone cost $8,227 — a month. And other than Tashi’s hourly wages at her part-time job, the couple’s only income came from Kevin’s Social Security check.

Yet AHCCCS determined that, in the preceding month, Kevin and Tashi had notched $612.25 in earnings. The monthly limit for AHCCCS users? $608 a month.

Tashi and Kevin were $4.25 over the limit.

Shit like this makes me realize that as awesome as the Doctor is, most of the real problems of the world even he couldn’t solve.

Via Comic Alliance.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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