the bullies at the MPAA (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Oh, and this is *precious*: “The conservative media watchdog, whose efforts are usually focused on the small screen, claims that ‘showing unrated content is a threat to the continued viability of the [movie] ratings system.'” Exactly. The MPAA is unviable. Please, let us derail it. A Bully Ban? Parents Television Council Asks Theaters Not to Show Unrated Version of Documentary

• Basically, it’s because they’re bullies themselves. But we knew that already. Why the MPAA doesn’t want your kid to see “Bully”

• Probably a good move on Fox’s part. The comments following this piece are atrocious, however. Fox movie studio pulls ‘Neighborhood Watch’ trailer, poster

• I hate this notion that a critical opinion can be “wrong.” Apart from the fact that it is all about opinion, a film’s endurance isn’t always about whether it resonated at the time it was made and first seen. Tastes change. Cultural attitudes change. Ideas about what movies can and should do change. Critics write for the moment they live in, not for the future. (Plus, those critics who were “wrong” will have been “right” about many movies that did not endure.) 12 Great Movies The Critics Got Dead Wrong

• “To die in an uncool way is the coolest.” Neato! In Japan, ‘Sliced-Up Actors’ Are A Dying Breed

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