Amazon’s spam ebook problem (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Of course, Amazon profits when these spam books sell, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re not quick to delete them… Amazon’s knock-off problem (35 Shades of Grey, anyone?)

• Really bad precedent, and hard not to see it as evidence that the US federal government has no interest in fairness or even legality when it comes to matters of corporate copyright. Is the MPAA now judge and jury, with the US fed as executioner, without trial or a chance for the accused to defend it/himself? Kim Dotcom Lashes Out Against “Corrupt” US Government

• I couldn’t care less about the sports. I’m looking forward to the Cultural Olympiad. Jump, Twirl, Paint, Act!

• When I was a kid you could special-order picture books personalized with your name and the names of your friends, siblings, etc. It’s fun for kids. Is it amusing enough for grownups? How to Star in a Classic Novel

• Good news for documentary filmmakers struggling financially (which would be most of them)… Maker Of ‘Up With People’ Knocks Down IRS In Hobby Loss Case

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