Cold Light of Day getting the Hollywood cold shoulder (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• And your Doctor Who-related April Fool’s joke is… Next Doctor Will Be Female

• I’d like to see what Lego zombies look like… [proposed Lego Shaun of the Dead playset]

• So, the movie that could not be cut because it would be ruined? It will be cut. Way to stick to your guns, Weinstein. *sigh* ‘Bully’ will get re-cut to land a PG-13, sources say

• April Fool’s joke, or a preview of Huffington Post’s next big thing? Introducing the Ultra Culture Movie Critic Membership Scheme

• The North America release date, that is, has been shifted to the weekend after Labor Day, traditionally one of the slowest at multiplexes. (It’s as if they’re already setting up explanations for its box-office failure that aren’t about its quality: “Well, you know, this is typically a slow weekend for movies, so we weren’t expecting much…”) And now the UK press screening that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. Not good signs. Henry Cavill Movie ‘Cold Light of Day’ Release Date Moved to September

• If this is Google’s April Fool’s prank, it’s pretty lame. Google Racing

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