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I think we need to get “The War on Art” trending as an idea (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Could the back of reality TV finally be broken? Aiming for Critical Cred, Cable Nets Queue Up Scripted Shows

• Hilarious! But how can we help? Fangirls wanna know… Since 1986 Sean Bean has died in over 20 film and TV productions… [graphic]

• Or: Most American adults are online. Wow. Report: One In Five U.S. Adults Does Not Use The Internet

• Revised for the better — *much* better. Amazon not only did something not evil, it may well have paved a path toward a future in which truly indie filmmakers can rival the big studios and the mega-indies. Amazon Studios Revises Terms For Writers

• It’s an interesting idea, but why is it that the only woman who gets to do “drama” is half naked, and that’s the extent of her “drama”? Are women never secret agents or paramedics, in real life or on TNT? HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME: Push Button to Add Drama [Video]

• I think we need to get “The War on Art” trending as an idea. Olympics ‘policy’ not to pay musicians

• The other one, of course, is James Cameron’s Avatar… Titanic becomes second ever film to take $2 billion

• Best bit (emphasis mine): “The dinner was one of many served from New York to Memphis, Tenn., and across the oceans to Hong Kong, as chefs attempted to transport diners to a time when waiters in starched coats and napkins hanging from their arms served *an upper class that was far removed from the common man*, who filled the lower portions of the Titanic and *went largely unnoticed by the wealthy* until they perished together in the cold sea.” Attempted to transport? We’re living there now. Texas eatery serves $12K, 10-course Titanic meal

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