Teen Girl Exorcism Squad is go! (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• I can’t even. “Brynne, 17, is the leader of the pack, the one the others call the “enforcer.” She is home-schooled and a regular on the beauty pageant circuit. Savannah, 20, is known as the “compassionate one,” a college student who likes to shop. Finally, there’s Tess, “the middle man” because the others say this 17-year-old can play both good and bad cop. She also performs in local musicals.” Ready-made for Christian cinema or Hollywood satire. Maybe it’s all the same these days. Teen Girl Exorcism Squad: Three Arizona Girls Claim to Cast Out Demons

• Ho boy… Is it Okay For Critics to Pirate Movies?

• How do you make a video game about a story that decries violence? I don’t see how this can work and retain the social criticism of the novel and film… The Hunger Games: Great book. Good movie. Dangerous video game?

• Oh my god, the Star Trek future is finally here! Project Glass: One day…

• Up next: plans for a reboot of a flick that hasn’t even been greenlit yet… Universal Unwrapping [ie, rebooting] ‘The Mummy’ Franchise

• Obviously, people have always been rude at the movies. 1910’s-era movie theater etiquette Public Service

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