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Doctor Who thing of the day: fan with terminal cancer gets his TARDIS urn

Back in March, I wrote about the Doctor Who fan with terminal cancer who wanted a TARDIS urn for his eventual ashes. Artist Rebekka Ferbrache of Jade Flower Ceramics came through:

As Regretsy notes:

Not only does Rebekka make all kinds of beautiful things, she even made a TARDIS urn for another family! She was the perfect choice.

Tashi continues to blog about husband Wash’s illness at Learning to Hope. It’s heartbreaking reading. What the fuck:

I regularly stay awake for 20 hour shifts out of a 24 hour day.

I am watching my 27 year old husband die, and die from a disease that takes away who he is, what he loves, and his memories before it begins to take away his physical being. Which it has started.

So, you, Mr Debt Collector? When you call at 8:23am, after I’ve been asleep for perhaps 3 hours? No, I’m not compassionate this morning. I’m not kind. Cancer is not kind.

I’m going to honestly tell you, you will get nothing. We have no money. We have no income. Wash will never ever be able to work again in his life to pay off his medical debt.

We owe the State, the Hospital, and the Federal Government well over $1,000,000.00 already for his care. Really, we hit $750,000.00 before he was even discharged from the hospital. It might be close to 2 million dollars now from his years of care and treatment.

I’m 25. My credit is already trashed. I did not graduate before my husband became terminally ill. I got to see that $1 million dollars of care cannot put a broken person back to “whole”.

I saw a 8cm tumor take over my husband.

Mr Debt Collector? You don’t scare me one little bit.

I can pay you in tears or perhaps blood.

But money? What’s money to Cancer?

Off topic, yes, but fuck it. Where is the Doctor when we really need him?

There’s a post here, about them receiving the urn, and they’ve posted a video to thank everyone involved in getting it to them. You probably won’t want to read the post or watch the video unless you’re free to lose a chunk of time to tears and despair.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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