Game of Thrones S02 E06: “The Old Gods and the New”

Game of Thrones Isaac Hempstead Wright Alfie Allen

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Treachery! Murder! Dragonnapping! Joffreyslapping!

We only got half of this on The Sopranos. And, surprisingly, the same half in The Lord of the Rings.

Man, this really is a lovely thing to see:

Game of Thrones Jack Gleeson

Can we slap Theon next? The rat. Did he learn nothing from Ned Stark? No honor. No decency. No loyalty. Occupying Winterfell? You bastard. I really was hoping that Osha was gonna murder him in his sleep. Why didn’t she do that before sneaking off with Bran and the others? I mean, she had a knife — we saw her use it. Or is she up to no good, gonna keep the Stark boys hostage herself or something? Ooo, or is her plan all to continue what Theon had been doing himself: looking weaker and weaker the more badass he tries to be? It won’t look good for Theon when the Stark kids turn up missing…

Let’s look at this again:

Game of Thrones Jack Gleeson

Could only have been better if Tyrion had had a cowpie in his slapping hand.

Okay, so, big question: Did Petyr recognize Arya serving at Tywin Lannister’s table, and if so, did he plant the letter about Robb Stark for her to find and accidently help Petyr commit some treachery of his own with?

Fun fact! Jaime Lannister is dyslexic. I wonder if this will be a thing later. Or perhaps it’s meant to humanize him a little.

Fun fact! Jon Snow cannot kill a woman. This is not a thing of no consequence in a world where women are nearly as perfidious and violent as men…

One more time:

Game of Thrones Jack Gleeson


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