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is Avengers 9/11 revenge fantasy? (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• This is just the sort of thing we need to see to subvert the damage that content farms have wrought on the Web: for absolute pageviews to stop being the best measure of a site’s value. On the other hand, buried here is an uncomfortable tidbit that could become the norm: YouTube’s most engaged viewers (ie, its biggest fans) will see more ads than less engaged users. Isn’t that punishing most dedicated users? (And just how do we get away from advertising as a way to support content, anyway?) YouTube’s Video Views Are Falling — By Design

• And J. Hoberman also sees 9/11 in Avengers. Weird. The Avengers: why Hollywood is no longer afraid to tackle 9/11

• What? Avengers is a 9/11 revenge fantasy? Funny, but this was the first movie since 9/11 that featured a disaster scenario — in NYC or not — that did *not* evoke 9/11 for this New Yorker… The Avengers As “9/11 Revenge Fantasy”

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