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Moviefone’s ‘Girl’s Guide To The Avengers’ full of WTF (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Oops. Accidentally deleted copy of ‘The Avengers’ leads to postponed press screening

• Oh, snap! No, wait: ultra depressing… Unexceptionalism: A Primer: A quick guide to unmaking the American dream.

• So full of WTF. Who writes shit like this in 2012: “As your boyfriend probably told you, “The Avengers” is hitting theaters this Friday. And you, dutiful girlfriend, are attending.” Brought to you by the crapmeisters at Moviefone, owned by Huffington Post, frakking up the Net since 2005. Girl’s Guide To ‘The Avengers’

• This guy’s ideas for the future of multiplexes are cold and gladiatorial: no human beings except the ones who vote on which movie you get to see. You wanted to see *Avengers X* but everyone else wants *Twilight: The Next Generation*? Tough. Oh, and here’s your robotically dispensed popcorn. The futuristic movie theater: A BaltTech perspective”

• Women Can’t Win, Part 7,754: Samantha Brick, who recently complained about how her life is a living hell because bitches be jealous of her stunning beauty, now insists that yes, some women are simply too ugly to be on television. ‘Sorry, some women ARE too ugly for TV’: So says that self-proclaimed beauty, and former TV executive, Samantha Brick

• Pegg is joking, not bragging. Thank goodness. I’d hate to have to revise my opinion of him as an awesome and down-to-earth guy. Simon Pegg: ‘I am the Tom Cruise of nerds after Star Trek, Doctor Who’

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