question of the day: If Web sites can be sitcoms now — the upcoming Friend Me is about Groupon — what sites should be TV shows next?

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Prepare to facepalm. Groupon — the site for bargain hunters that is bad for local small businesses — is coming to a TV near you. From Vanity Fair’s The Hollywood Blog:

[T]he project is the misleadingly titled CBS sitcom Friend Me, which the network has just ordered to series for next season. Friend Me will star Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad’s “McLovin”) and Nicholas Braun (Red State) as “twentysomething best friends, Evan and Rob, [who] move from their hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, to Los Angeles to begin their exciting new lives working at Groupon. Evan is having trouble breaking his old slothful habits and rather than go out after work to explore L.A. and meet new people, prefers to play online poker with his buddies back home. Rob has different plans and is determined to drag Evan, kicking and screaming, along with him.”

No, wait, it gets better:

[T]he series is set in Los Angeles and not Chicago, where the real company is based…

Probably because it’s just too hard to fake Chicago in L.A., so why even bother?

For those who wonder why the show’s title suggests a Facebook tie-in, the answer is also simple: this makes no sense and begs an immediate title change.

Oh, but it ensures a lawsuit from Facebook, which will be great for publicity.
Apparently the thinking is that if a Twitter feed can crash and burn as a sitcom — that would Shit My Dad Says — then a Web site as a sitcom will crash and burn even more spectacularly.

So, now that yet another barrier to crappier-than-ever TV has been breached, what’s next? I Can Has Cheezeburger, featuring cats who break the fourth wall to comment on their own lives? Perhaps Google: Miami, about real-life investigators who hunt down the answers to questions about the weird moles on people’s backs or where to download porn? With more than half a billion active Web sites online, the possibilities are almost endless.

What do you think? If Web sites can be sitcoms now, what sites should be TV shows next?

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